Financing Case Study

Oncology Program Portfolio –


–Raised Series A funding for development of oncology program portfolio

Client approached with a pharma portfolio with a certain valuation in mind. Keeklee proposed to raise the round at a higher valuation by first a business development approach, followed by a raise. Key items undertaken for the project were

  • Key opinion leaders for proper positioning of the programs, which improved the quality of the portfolio.
  • Competitor Analysis in the field for similar programs and integration into the valuation models
  • Options based term sheet for higher valuation
  • Alternate revenue streams into the same program to increase the value of the IP
  • Tie-up with R&D centers to conduct select experiments that bring value inflection
  • Rewrite of the business plan
  • Term sheet negotiation and closing the round a value higher than previously proposed by the company

–Lined up Series B / mezzanine financing and IPO (NASDAQ) opportunities