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Fast Tracking Early Development in
Life Sciences by Effective Partnering, Efficient Development and Financing


Contribute to Global Health Care By Leveraging -

-Efficient Project Management
-Networked Resources
-Regional Economies

Many drug discovery programs that are highly valuable for the patients, address the unmet medical needs and represent breakthrough research have to wait in long queues before progressing through development. The most common hurdles represent investment, licensing uncertainties, attrition etc.

Keeklee Consulting is helping clients address these problems. We have developed –

  • A predictive toxicology approach that helps clients nominate the candidate with highest chances of success in IND and through the clinic;
  • A network of investors from US, Canada and Europe to fund the development of program done using our approach;
  • A network of licensing partners globally and key opinion leaders to give an “early read” on the possibilities of commercialization
  • A network of  global medical practitioners and researchers to help position the programs in the most competitive fashion and increase the chances of licensing and funding.

In our past, Keeklee team has managed development of several molecules in the clinic and on the market. During the past 5 years or so, we have developed a model of managing projects in about third of the cost and time keeping the same quality standards. Using this model, we have delivered 15 INDs from clients globally and have received First in Human trial approval on each one from multiple agencies including USFDA, EMA, Health Canada, Medicines Australia among others.

Through this value proposition and via our network, we have managed clients close investment rounds and license the programs as well. Our practice also includes finding alternate / creative ways to fund programs. Please visit the “Licensing Opportunities” page to view the programs we are managing currently.